10 Insane ATM Scams That You Wouldn’t Even Notice

It’s common sense that using an ATM requires a certain degree of caution, but if you think getting mugged at the machine is all you have to look out for, you’re in for a shock. ATM scams are getting more creative by the day, and you need to know how they work and what you can do to protect yourself against them. Just because an ATM looks normal at first glance, it doesn’t mean the machine hasn’t been toyed with. Card skimmers, cash traps, and system hacks are all becoming commonplace in the dark world of fraud, and most of the time, they’re fully concealed inside the ATM.

#1 Always Wiggle The Card Reader

#2 How To Spot An ATM Skimmer: Headphone Socket Sunk In And Off Alignment


#3 Hidden Camera

#4  Went To An ATM I Frequently Use In Houston And Notice Something Different… What Is This Grey Box?

#5  How To Spot An ATM Skimmer: Cracks Underneath The Receipt Slot

#6 False Keypad Overlay And Card Skimmer

#7 How To Spot An ATM Skimmer: Card Slot Sticking Out

#8 Cash Trap Devices

#9 Pinhole Camera

#10 ATM Skimmer Transmits Stolen Data Via Text Message

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