10+ Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving

Here are 10+ pics when restaurants went too far with food serving

#1 Afternoon Tea In A Bookcase

#2 Cake Cups

#3 The Guy At The Table Next To Me Has Just Been Served The Most Sensational Scotch Egg. It Comes In A Trophy

#4 I’m Speechless

#5 The Final Boss Of This Sub

#6 Meat Served On A Barbie Doll

#7 We Recall The Time A Customer Ordered An Orange Juice And Was Presented With This

#8 Fish And Chips On A Ferris Wheel. This Is Not A Drill. We Repeat, This Is Not A Drill

#9 Breakfast Shovel

#10 All That For A Strawberry Cut In Half

#11 More That Moment When Everyone Else Gets Plates And Your Dessert Arrives On A Porcelain Horse Head

#12 Terrible Bun: Meat Ratio And Precariously Tall Burger On A Skillet On A Board With A Sword Through It

#13 I Only Like My Olives To Be Served On A Silver Spoon And Placed Beneath A Miniature Olive Tree

#14 Coffee In A Carrot

#15 This Salad

#16 This Is Not What I Expected When I Ordered A Caesar Salad

#17 Chicken Tikka Staircase And Chutney Cupboard At The Tourist Janpath Hotel, New Delhi

#18 The Food Is Somewhere In There

#19 What If I Want To Start With The Burger?

#20 Stairway To Sushi

#21 Chips On A Washing Line

#22 Grilled Cheese Suspended On Metal Hook Above Bowl Of Soup

#23 A Dog Bowl. How Trendy

#24 Mini Beef Wellington Served On A Guillotine

#25 Mini Picnic Table

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