110 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Has Been Just Discovered By Mine Workers In Canada

An arresting image of a “mummified” dinosaur went viral this weekend after National Geographic broke the story of the 110-million-year-old armored plant-eater, a newfound species of nodosaur whose exquisite remains are now on display in the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada.

Back in 2011, a heavy equipment operator by the name of Shawn Funk, who works for energy company Suncor in Alberta, was drilling crude oil sands when he suddenly discovered walnut brown rocks that looked like ribs. “It was definitely nothing we had ever seen before,” said Funk in a 2011 interview. The man didn’t yet know that he had just discovered a dinosaur.

Nearly 6 years later, one can finally see the specimen at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Scientists say a significant amount of the dinosaur fossil’s ‘skin’ and “armour, complete from the snout to hips” was intact.


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