August 3rd Is National Watermelon Day. These Are The 10+ Recipes You Can’t Pass Up!

Watermelon is the fruit of the summer and anyone who disagrees is just flat-out wrong.

Not only is watermelon the perfect healthy snack, but containing nearly 92 percent water, it’s the perfect way to keep hydrated on a warm day. On August 3rd we celebrate watermelon and all its benefits with National Watermelon Day.

Whether in savory dishes, sweet desserts, or delicious drinks, there really are no limits when it comes to this summertime favorite. To help get the most out of it, here are 30 amazing recipes you can try on the fruit’s special day! Click the links in each heading for more details.


1. Start your dinner party off right with an appetizing watermelon bruschetta

Host the Toast

2. These watermelon and chicken tacos will take your favorite summer fruit on a trip south of the border.

Good Housekeeping

3. There’s no shot glass required for these boozy watermelon jello shots.

A Beautiful Mess

4. Spread a little magic in the morning with a giant glob of watermelon jelly.

A Sparkly Mess

5. How do you spice up your dinner plate? A delicious quinoa-watermelon salad, of course!

Barre 3

6. What kid didn’t love fruit roll-ups? Now you can pack your child’s lunch with a healthier watermelon leather.

Domestically Blissful

7. How do you make watermelon even better? Wrap it in bacon!

Foxes Love Lemons

8. Why not finish off you grilled masterpieces with this tangy watermelon BBQ sauce.

Yummy Healthy Easy

9. Forget apple pie. This creamy watermelon pie is about to become the next American classic.

Taste of Home

10. The juicy center isn’t the only edible part of the watermelon. Find out how you can transform your watermelon rinds into a delicious candied treat.

Instructables / liquid_fire243

11. Throw a slab of watermelon on the grill and you have a new meat-free grill staple.

The Ravenous Couple

12. Want a boost of fresh fruit in the morning? This simple and easy strawberry-watermelon smoothie will help you start your day off right.

Eat. Thrive. Glow.

13. In the mood for a lighter dinner option? This watermelon and feta salad is just what the doctor ordered.

Recipe Runner

14. I would have never guessed that watermelon would be the perfect accompaniment to stir fry, but here we are.

My Recipes

15. Add a bit of Indian heat to your summer menu with this traditional watermelon curry.

Healing Tomato

16. Now you can enjoy pizza without all those extra carbs. Find out how you can turn your fruit into a sweet take on everyone’s favorite food.

Eating Well

17. With the summer grilling season upon us, this Chile-lime grilled watermelon is proving that you can grill just about anything.

Cooking on the Weekends

18. Why travel to Morocco when you can bring a piece of the culture to your own home with this Moroccan watermelon salad.

Feasting at Home

19. Parents and kids alike will be begging for more when you bring these scrumptious watermelon bars to your kid’s next school bake sale.

Right at Home

20. Craving a delicious treat in five minutes or less? This strawberry-watermelon sorbet has you covered!

Dashing Dish
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