Dog Interrupts Orchestra Performance In Cutest Way Ever, Gets Rounds Of Applause

At a Turkish symphony last week, the musicians were interrupted by a surprise guest. A very poised dog sauntered across the stage, completely stealing the show. The crowd cheered for this unnamed doggo and we understand why.

When the world-renowned Vienna Chamber Orchestra was recently performing at the 31st International Izmir Festival in Çesme, Turkey, their concert was unexpectedly interrupted by a random dog. The canine walked on the stage, got the best seats, and made itself extra comfortable.

We see the doggie going towards one violinist, who continued playing to the best of his ability. Then the dog did what many of us wanted to do at some point in a classical music concert – that is, lay down and demonstratively yawn.

Vienna Chamber Orchestra’s recent performance in Turkey was unexpectedly interrupted by a random dog

The doggie didn’t seem to be intimidated, rather he went on stage and took the best seats

Watch the video here:

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