New Yorkers Are Going Crazy For These Adorable Fish Ice Creams

Taiyaki ice-cream cones are easily the cutest, coolest and most fabulous things I have ever dang seen. New Yorkers are lucky enough to have these ice-cream stuffed fishes available for purchase at a restaurant called Taiyaki NYC, located in Chinatown and Little Italy. People are going nuts over them and it’s easy to see why.

Taiyaki is one of Japan’s most popular cakes. It is made with waffle or pancake batter and then filled with a sweet red bean paste. By slightly modifying the recipe, the cake is hard enough to contain ice cream just like a traditional cone.

More info: Taiyaki NYC | Instagram

Image credits: amyventures

Image credits: taiyakinyc

Image credits: taiyakinyc

Image credits: deslaw48

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